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Vote Yes on E! It’s Time to Make Urgent Repairs to Our Local Schools

About Culver City Unified School District

  • We are proud that our local Culver City Unified School District is ranked among the best public school districts in LA County

  • Our local public schools are also the 4th most diverse in the State – a credit to our community values

Why do we need a Measure E?

  • Unfortunately, most neighborhood schools date back to the 1950s and haven’t had significant renovations in decades

  • Our aging schools suffer from leaky roofs, falling ceiling tiles in classrooms, broken entrance doors that pose a security risk, deteriorated walls, floors, and foundations that invite rodents and insects

  • School buildings and facilities suffer from faulty plumbing and drainage that floods schools when it rains, and aging, inefficient heating, ventilation, and air conditioning units that are costly to run and contribute to poor air quality

  • Local students need safe, modern classrooms, science labs, instructional technology, and libraries; or they will be at a disadvantage in competing for college and careers

  • We can’t count on the state government to fix these problems for us. We must take action to improve our local schools today

All Measure E Funds Stay in Local Schools

  • By law, all funds remain under local control and may only support CCUSD schools 

  • Independent citizen oversight and public reports of all spending is required

  • No funds may be taken by the State 



We can’t wait any longer – our students deserve safe, modern schools
and a chance at a brighter future. 

Vote YES on Measure E on, or before, March 5, 2024!

Join us in passing Measure E for Safer, Better Culver City Schools

Vote YES on Measure E – Repair and Improve Culver City Schools

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