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Support Measure E

Add your name to the growing list of Culver City community members who have pledged to support our students and schools. 

Join us in ensuring excellent education in Culver City!



Culver City Council PTA

Culver City Democratic Club

Culver City Education Foundation

La Ballona Elementary School - PTA

Linwood E. Howe Elementary School - PTA

Current and Former Elected Officials

Dan O'Brien, City Council Member

Freddy Puza, City Council Member

Jeffrey Prang, LA County Assessor

Brian Guerrero - Member, Board of Education, CCUSD

Dr. Kelly Kent - President, Board of Education, CCUSD

Triston Ezidore - Vice President, Board of Education, CCUSD

Paula Amezola - Member, Board of Education, CCUSD

Stephanie Loredo - Member, Board of Education, CCUSD

CCUSD Staff and Teachers

Casey Chabola - Principal, Linwood E. Howe Elementary School

Kenya Williams - Principal, Culver City Middle School

Christopher Medinger - Principal, Farragut Elementary School

Dr. Becky Godbey - Principal, La Ballona Elementary School

Dr. Amy Hodge - Principal, El Rincon Elementary

Paul Karaiakoubian - Principal, El Marino School

Angela Baxter - Assistant Superintendent, Ed Services, CCUSD

Kelly Tarvyd - Director of State and Federal Programs,

Assessment and Accountability, CCUSD

Tony Spano - Teacher, Culver City High School

Callie Lions - Vice Chair of Special Education, El Marino

Tony Sevoian - Custodian, La Ballona Elementary

Dr. Brian Lucas - Superintendent, CCUSD

Dr. Maria Martinez-Poulin - Interim Superintendent, CCUSD

Heather Moses - Arts Coordinator, CCUSD

Linda Childs - Substitute Teacher, CCUSD

Dr. Adrienne M. Thomas - Principal, Culver City High School

Ilona Gergi - Director, the Office of Child Development, CCUSD

Alison Hickey Chen - CCUSD staff


Community Members

Thomas Small - Former Culver City Mayor

Jeff Schwartz - President of Culver City Democratic Club 
Wendy Hamill - Executive Director, Culver City Ed Foundation

Rebecca Anderson - Parent and Former PTA President, El Marino Language School

Dr. Steve M. Levin - Former Board Member, JPL Astrophysicist

Anna Dembs - PTA President, Lin Howe Elementary

Mila Moraga Holz - Parent, Co-Chair, Committee for Excellent Culver City Schools

Meredith Johnson - Parent, Co-Chair, Committee for Excellent Culver City Schools

Joanna Brody, Parent and Former PTA President, Linwood Howe

Jennifer Caspar - Owner, Village Well Books & Coffee

Barabara Honig - Former School Board Member

Heather Davis - Parent & Producer, CCMS Improvisation Program

Katy Krantz - Culver City Artist Laureate 2023-24

Maggie Peters - Parent, La Ballona Elementary

Alex Fisch - Former Culver City Major

Kindra Kelly-Scumpia - Parent, CCMS and El Rincon Elementary

Diane Wade - Parent, Treasurer, Committee for Excellent Culver City Schools

Danielle Edwards - Parent

Kate Shirley - Parent

Lindsay Schlatter - Parent

Nancy Barba - Parent

Dorien Davies - El Marino Garden Chair

Kenny Stevenson - Parent

George Prior - Parent

Angie Graves - Co-chair of La Ballon After School Enrichment

Fabien Ricard - Parent, La Ballona PTA Treasurer

Stephen Jones - Parent, Chair of the Culver City Planning Commission

Will Herrera - Vice President, Culver City Democratic Club

Jeanna Harris - RN, LACDP member

Pete Rockwell - Culver City Democratic Club Past President

Shannon Theus - CA Democratic Party Delegate

Greg Maron - Parent, Chair of El Marino PTA Green Committee

Rev. Frances Rosenau - Pastor Culver City Presbyterian Church, Chair GPAC, Parent of students at La Ballona and CCMS

Raaj Shankla - Parent, Linwood Howe

Kalyani Narayanan - Parent, El Marino

Tanya Soroka - Parent

Bobbi Shiflett - Co-President, Advocates for Language Learning, El Marino

Tracy Harnell - Parent

Randi Hissom - Parent

Heather Moses - Parent

Ken Mand - Former Vice-Chair of CBAC

Salome Reeves - El Rincon PTA, 1st Vice Chair of Fundraising

Rebecca Rona-Tuttle - Member, Equity and Human Relations Advisory Committee

Sandy Schwartz

Stephen Schwartz - Former School Board Member

Morten Haugaard

Leah Butler - Business Owner and Parent

Meghan Sahli-Wells - Former Mayor

Will Herrera - Vice President, Culver City Democratic Club

Leah Pressman - Business owner, CA Dem. Central Committee Board Member AD 55

Disa Lindgren

Patrick Meighan

Michelle Weiner - Advocate, School Garden Instructor

Maya Herrera

Susana Sandoval - CCMS DELAC

Bronwyn Schrecker Jamrok - CCUSD Parent, Former Lin Howe PTA Officer

Huong Nghiem-Eilbeck - MD, Co-chair DEI Committee, Co-chair After School Enrichment

Laura Seldon - Mom and Corporate Comms Lady

Natalie Teear - CCUSD Parent and Culver City Resident

Heidi Behforouz - CCHS Parent, Physician

Reyes Enciso

Megan Oddsen Goodwin - CCUSD District Advisory Committee - Special Education

Paul Goodwin - Culver City Resident

Traci Goodwin - Culver City Resident

Sarah Colón

Noel Sanchez Jr

Stephen Jones - CCUSD Parent

Adelaide Zimmerman

Karim Sahli - Business Owner

Yotala Oszkay Febres-Cordero - La Ballona Elementary Parent

David & Diana Hauptman - Former CC Mayor, Former CCEF Board Member,              Sandy Segal Youth Health Center, Grandparents

Bubba Fish - Former Vice Chair, Culver City Advisory Committee on Housing & Homelessness

Valerie Thomas

Heather Moses

Linda Childs

Dorothée Leroy

Diane Wade - CCUSD parent

Dana Russell

Jim Lamm - Former President, Ballona Creek Renaissance

Elizabeth Brownlow

Christine Maitland-Koeh - President, La Ballona PTA

Dr. Pedro Noguera

Gary Guthman - CCUSD Citizens' Bond Oversight Committee Member

Barbara Lewis - Culver City Resident

Nick Guthman - CCUSD Community Budget Advisory Committee Member

Danny Young - CC Democratic Club Member

Stephanie Phung - La Ballona and CCMS Mom

Claudia Vizcarra - Business Owner

Candice Mackey - PTA member

This is a partial list of endorsements for Measure E.

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